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Warm & Inviting
Fireplaces & Fire Pits

There’s nothing quite like having a warm spot in your yard on a cool day. Our outdoor stone fireplace and fire pit kits will allow you to easily create a space that is warm, inviting, and will create a lifetime of enjoyable memories!


The Rogue Fireplace comes with a larger firebox. You can easily order this do-it-yourself kit with or without the wood box, and in any of our five Chateau Wall colors. It comes with complete instructions, ready to be assembled.

The Deschutes River flows right through the center of the state of Oregon. Likewise, this fireplace makes for an inspiring focal point. A perfect DIY kit, the Deschutes fireplace can easily be made in a weekend or less (it comes with thorough instructions) and the eye-catching results are well worth the effort.

Fire Pits

The Tegula Fire Pit Kit includes beveled pieces for quick and easy installation with no cutting. This kit makes it possible to have a backyard fire pit without all the trouble of hiring it done. Its 40” outside diameter tucks into smaller spaces, making it ideal for almost anywhere.

Add some ambiance to your backyard setting. The Chateau Wall™ 50″ outside diameter fire pit is easy to assemble with mortar-free stack and glue construction.

This kit includes beveled pieces for no cutting, assembles with glue, and is a super quick way to add warmth to your backyard. It comes with a rustic tumbled finish and in several different color options. This is one of our most popular fire pits.