Durable & Timeless
Paving Stones

Our interlocking concrete paving stones from are made from dry cast concrete. With a wide range of sizes, textures, and colors, there’s sure to be a paving stone that suits your needs!


La Pietra™ is naturally elegant and eye-catching! The textured surface treatment and generally larger sizes of La Pietra™ replicate the look of natural slab Pennsylvania bluestone. This family of slabs consists of five basic sizes that all module off of a base of 7, 14, and 21 inches. The unique size and texture of La Pietra™ is another exciting option in our growing family of paving stones.

The Europa style paver brings an old-world feel and antiqued look to your driveway or patio. Each one of these pavers goes through an antiquing process we call tumbling. If you are the type of person who likes an old-world feel with modern products the Europa collection may be for you. Please visit our pattern page for all pattern options.

Fieldstone pavers add some texture to the standard paver. More along the lines of a stamped concrete or slate look. This is a very modern design and may fit your lifestyle just right.

Some would say this is the standard for paving stones. Classic smooth top and straight lines. This style of paver has been used for hundreds of years and will continue to be a popular choice. If you like a modern look and straight lines this is the paver for you. Please view our pattern page for all the available patterns

Roca Park and Roca Plaza Stones offer a unique surface treatment produced by individually tumbling the stones. Roca Park and Roca Plaza Stone have a broken edge with rugged looks that are available in an array of colors. By combining Roca Park, Roca Plaza, and Roca Holland you can create a design that is truly unique.

The Villa Stone is long and narrow; made in a plank style. With a thickness of 100mm the Villa stone is made to stand the weight of traffic and is a uniquely modern option for your landscape.

The Octo paver combines an octagon with a small square, resulting in a product that is classic and timeless.

This cobbled stone is “worn in, but not worn out,” and a lovely option for a more old-fashioned space. This stone is the same as the Park and Plaza stones but with a cobbled surface. The Cobble Park and Plaza stones come with a flat top and rounded edges and are available in a broad variety of PNW inspired colors.

The thinner profile of the Slimline paver is a great solution for overlays where height is a concern or pedestrian areas which will never receive vehicular traffic. Cobble Slimline is an economical alternative to Camino Stone, with a similar cobble finish and two available sizes.

Inter Stone is made for driveways and city streets. That’s because this paver has the highest amount of interlock that you can find in its size, and is a favorite for areas vehicles frequent! If you used the 80mm variant, you could even turn a bulldozer around on it without effect.

With our Granite Stone pavers, our goal was to bring a rugged granite look to the comfort of your own backyard. In order to transfer the fine texture of the granite onto the paving stone, we digitized a piece of actual stone, copying its surface exactly. The resulting fine surface texture closely resembles the original stone but is less aggressive than our other textured stones.

Alpine Stone™ is a family of rugged pavers that reproduce the character of the high mountains with a fractured surface and battered edges. Available in four sizes and two colors, Alpine Stone™ complements the weathered look of any of our tumbled pavers or wall blocks.

The Camino Stone is versatile in color, size, and style, and is exceptionally easy to work with. Each stone has a pleasing old-world-style cobbled surface. This stone produces a beautiful finish for almost any setting and is one of our most popular pavers.

This modern paver feels just like downtown. Petula Clark said that the lights are brighter downtown, and City Square is a paver that is right at home there. It is medium in size and contemporary in style with a flat, smooth top. The City Square makes an excellent border stone and also pairs nicely with our Arena Stone.

Looking for a modern stone in a larger format? La Pietra Moderna is ideal for a square or rectangle patio. It also pairs well with other smooth-finished pavers, such as those in the Leiden Collection. This family of slabs consists of five basic sizes.

The La Lastra pavers are reminiscent of large Italian tiles and will bring that wide and welcoming feeling to your patio. They feature a flat surface, beveled edges, and elegant proportions. These slabs are the modern-day paver!

The Holland Stone is shaped like a traditional brick and fits perfectly in your hand. This stone also comes in the smaller “Half Holland” version and can be used as an accent stone for borders, headers, or detail bands and inlays. A classic choice.

Park Stone is one of our original pavers, designed with the colors and style of the PNW in mind. It comes with a flat top and beveled surface and is a longtime favorite that works in a variety of settings. The Park Stone also pairs perfectly with the rectangle Plaza Stone and is part of our Leiden Collection.

Our Arena paver is actually a part of the Leiden collection. This solid-colored paver can also be used beautifully for borders along grass, garden, or flowerbed, and it dovetails perfectly with our City Square Pavers.

The Dutch city of Leiden that this collection is named after was where the geometric De Stijl art movement was born. Not surprisingly, the most popular display of the Leiden collection is the geometric five-stone pattern or the random layout. This stone family is a unique favorite!


You can lay this circular system without having to cut it making it perfect for DIY. Lay it alone or as an inlay, it also easily makes intertwining circles of any size. Use the Cobble Rotundo for a round patio by itself, or as a unique feature inside a larger pattern.


Just like our standard Park Stones, Park Permeare has a flat top with a beveled edge providing a measured contemporary look. Park Permeare’s modular size allows it to be used directly with our Holland Permeare.

The Holland Permeare has a cobbled surface that will get rid of puddles. It is shaped like a traditional brick and is especially ideal for the rainiest areas of the PNW. The modular size of the Holland Permeare also allows it to be directly used with our Park Permeare.

Looking for something that takes away the need for drains? The Camino Permeare guarantees stability while getting rid of the otherwise never-ending puddles. It has a look that resembles European city streets, but always looks at home. It is a modern and sustainable option for your patio.