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Paving Blocks

Park Permeare

This permeable paver brings a contemporary feel to any area

Good for light vehicular traffic
Great for foot traffic
Not for heavy vehicular traffic
Ok to compact stones

Just like our standard Park Stones, Park Permeare has a flat top with a beveled edge providing a measured contemporary look. Park Permeare’s modular size allows it to be used directly with our Holland Permeare.

Because rainwater infiltration is vital for the regeneration of groundwater and the health of vegetation, it is increasingly important that paving projects avoid sealing the earth. Permeable Pavers guarantee stability while allowing for penetration of rain and stormwater, relieving overburdened drain water systems and serving as an alternative to expensive sewer systems. With proper installation and maintenance, Permeable Pavers will not clog or seal off with dirt like porous concrete or asphalt pavements. Our wide range of Permeable Pavers suit any kind of project, be it residential or commercial.

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